Swiss Pro Map is the map app of choice for Switzerland: offline maps and useful features for outdoor activities.
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For mountain guides and mountain sports enthusiasts

Orientation and navigation.

Coordinates, altitude and position on the map

The current position the map is available at any time, with the indication of coordinates and altitude.

The search can be used to find coordinates in various formats and display them on the map.


Possibility to orient the map to the north.

A compass needle indicates the direction to a marked location.

Navigation along a route with display of the next waypoint.

Everything offline as well

After downloading required content, no internet connection is needed for the full functionality of Swiss Pro Map.


Swiss Pro Map is convenient for recording tracks. Own routes can be created and edited. All routes, tracks and marked locations can be exported and shared.

Routes, POIs and tracks can be imported into Swiss Pro Map.

Essential Additional Information

Swisstopo map sheet, SAC huts, trail network, field names, drinking water and shelters, and much more, can be shown.

For winter sports enthusiasts, the snowsports map includes slope gradients, wildlife sanctuaries and wildlife rest areas, as well as snowshoe routes and ski routes.

Use under difficult conditions

A reduced operation mode facilitates the use of the app in the field, even in difficult conditions.

All maps can also be displayed in double size.

For hikers, cyclists and flaneurs

Well prepared, delightful and safe on the way.

Path network and routes

Entire Swiss hiking trail network as well as all other trails and roads.

Display of closed hiking trails, daily updated.

SwitzerlandMobility routes.

Comprehensive search

Search for place and field names, municipalities, addresses and SwitzerlandMobility routes. Also offline.

It is even possible to search for objects in the vicinity of the center of the map.

Route planning

Swiss Pro Map automatically finds routes along hiking trails, POIs, pathways and roads. SwitzerlandMobility routes are also included, of course.

Each route is displayed with elevation profile and current position.

Swiss Pro Map not only runs on Android and iOS, but also on all Macs with an M1 processor: you can plan your excursions on a large screen.


The guide collects information relevant to a route. Not only ascents and descents, distance markers, or the highest point are displayed, but also drinking fountains, fireplaces, restaurants, public toilets, points of interest and a whole range of things that may be of interest on an excursion.

The guide calculates the hiking time until such a place is reached. What is shown is determined by the users.

Everything for on the way

Public transport stops and the current SBB timetable are available offline.

Parking spaces, signposts, benches, toilets, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc. can be optionally displayed.

For helicopter and sport pilots

All about preparation, planning and execution of flight and operations.


The FOCA air navigation obstacles are updated twice a week.

Aerial obstacles under 50m are also available for Rega pilots and SHA members.

Useful information for pilots

Protected areas, landing sites and airspaces.

The latest ICAO and glider maps for Switzerland.

Features for air rescue

Easy-to-use measuring, also for area measuring.

Navigation to a marked place (POI).

For all who need to rely on maps

Geographical data and functions for architects, planners, map fans, drone and model pilots.

Architects and planners

Zip codes, addresses and municipal boundaries for all of Switzerland.

Easy to use measurement functions for distances and areas on all maps.

Aerial photographs (orthophotos).

Alternative map material, e.g. from Open Street Map, which is updated faster than the official maps.

Map nerds and historians

Open Topo Map and Open Street Map - also for offline use.

Historical maps and aerial photographs as well as geological maps complete the current map material.

Drone and model pilots

Latest protection and restricted areas on all maps.

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